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Detailed Flossing Instructions

Flossing is an essential part of your oral hygiene routine. It is often the activity that gets overlooked when we feel too tired or lazy to do it. However, it's essential because flossing your teeth removes the plaque and bacteria that builds up in between your teeth; and yes - you can actually get cavities in between your teeth. It also removes food particles that may be stuck in between your teeth after meals.

Should I Floss More Than Once Per Day?

You're supposed to brush your teeth twice per day, why shouldn't you floss as often? The answer is because it takes longer for plaque to build up in between your ...

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The Truth About Sugar in Your Child's Favorite Drinks

As a parent, you probably keep a close watch over your child's diet and nutrition. Avoiding sugary treats and snacks is a priority. However, have you ever considered the beverages your child is drinking, maybe even on a daily basis? Here are some of the beverages to be aware of, and some of them may surprise you!

Soda and Soft Drinks

While most of us understand that soda is loaded with sugar, did you that it presents a double whammy for your child's teeth? Soda is also carbonated and acidic, which helps to eat away tooth enamel and promote tooth decay. Combine this with the sugar that fuels the bacteria causing tooth ...

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Smile Makeovers with Veneers

Woman Getting Fitted for Veneers | Cosmetic Dentistry in Missoula MT

Are your teeth chipped or fractured or have uneven gaps and spacing? Or maybe you've lived with stubborn staining or discoloration over the years. Any of these small issues can diminish the appearance of your teeth and cause you to feel self-conscious about smiling.

Did you know that dental veneers offer a simple solution for restoring your teeth and creating the smile you've always wanted?

What is a Dental Veneer?

Veneers are super-thin layers of porcelain that are bonded directly over your tooth. They are custom shaded to either match your neighboring teeth or enhance the brightness of your smile. Porcelain veneers are ideal for fixing minor imperfections such as chipping, fractures, size ...

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Operation Gratitude Candy Give Back

Operation Gratitude | Dentist in Missoula MT

Nelson Dentistry is proud to be a part of Operation Gratitude's Candy Give-Back this Halloween season. We will be hosting a candy collection event at our office on Friday, 11/2 between 8:30 am-6: 30 pm.  Don’t miss this opportunity to send sweet treats to real-life heroes.  Have your kids donate a portion of their Halloween candy and any leftover Halloween candy that didn't get put in Trick or Treaters bags!  We know it may be hard to pry candy out of your children's hands. So, consider sending them and their pals out Trick or Treating for an extra 30 minutes to specifically collect candy for Operation Gratitude. While you are ...

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Why Do I Need a Dental Crown Instead of a Filling?

Dental Crowns in Missoula MT

Your dentist told you that your tooth needs restoration, but instead of a filling, they want you to have a crown. What is a dental crown, and why is it necessary when a dental filling was sufficient in the past?

Why Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Your dentist will recommend a crown if your tooth has sustained trauma or has become decayed beyond what a dental filling can repair. These are some of the circumstances that may require a crown:

  • To protect a tooth with a large old filling that needs to be replaced
  • To strengthen a tooth after root canal therapy
  • To restore a dental implant
  • To restore a tooth with decay on more ...

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The Truth About Sugar in Your Child's Favorite Drinks

Child Smiling | Dentist in Missoula MT

As a parent, you always want to best for your child, and that includes a healthy, nutritious, and well-balanced diet. With so many products on the market claiming to be healthy, how can you know which to choose? Today, your top dentist in Missoula is going to focus on the beverages children often enjoy, and explain why they might be harmful to your child's oral health.


We think of milk as a healthy beverage that benefits our child's growth and well being. For the most part this is true; however, it's important to understand that milk does contain sugar, and this is why it is not recommended to let your child ...

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The Dangers of a Cracked Tooth

Woman Covering Mouth | Tooth Repair in Missoula MT

Having a cracked tooth may not seem like a big deal, especially if it's not causing any symptoms. However, when a crack or fracture compromises your tooth, it won't be long before you start to experience more significant problems. This is because the fracture allows harmful bacteria into your tooth that can develop into decay or infection if it makes its way to the nerve of your tooth. 

What Happens If I Ignore My Cracked Tooth?

If your compromised tooth isn't causing pain, it may seem okay to ignore it. However, if your cracked tooth allows an infection to develop in the nerve of your tooth, you will need root canal therapy ...

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