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The Surprising Benefit of Gold Onlays

January 11, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Jonathan Nelson
Gold Onlays in Missoula MT | Friendly Dental Team

You’ve found out that your tooth has a cavity, and your dentist is recommending a gold onlay. You are not sure what that is, or why it needs to be made out of gold? Aren’t tooth-colored fillings a more desirable choice? Here’s what you should know about onlays in Missoula, MT.

Why Is My Dentist Recommending an Onlay?

If your dentist is suggesting a gold onlay for your tooth, it is likely that it is a molar in the back of your mouth. Molars take the brunt of your biting force and are the workhorses of eating and chewing.

Your dentist recommends an onlay when the cusps or outer edges of your tooth are sustaining damage or decay. An onlay is a custom filling that restores your tooth with a similar process of a crown. An impression is taken of your tooth, and an onlay is made to fit your tooth exactly. The onlay is comprised of gold or tooth-colored porcelain. It is hand crafted at a dental laboratory and delivered after one to two weeks.

Why Do I Need a Gold Onlay?

Gold is by far the most durable material used in dentistry to restore teeth, and it's often recommended for back teeth where it won't be visible. It is strong, yet flexible, so it doesn’t wear as fast as other dental materials such as porcelain, and this is a huge benefit for teeth that take most of your chewing force.

Gold allows your dentist to remove less tooth structure because it can be adjusted easily for a close fit.

Your dentist is looking to provide you with better longevity and durability by choosing gold for your onlay.

Gold Onlays in Missoula MT

Dr. Nelson is happy to discuss your treatment options and help you select the material that is right for your lifestyle and budget. Give your Missoula dentist a call today for more information!

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