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At Nelson Dentistry, we do our best work every day, with every patient! We take pride in providing for all of your general dentistry care. And don’t worry if you have a particularly tricky treatment need, because we’ll help get you to the right specialist for the job!
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Nelson Dentistry | Welcome
Whether you’ve been coming to the office for years, or it’s your first time, my staff and I will do our best to give you fantastic service. I absolutely love that moment when I bring a new smile to a patient’s face.
Dr. Jonathan Nelson
Please watch the video that I (Dr. Nelson) put together for you. Yep, that's right, I enjoy working with technology so I created, directed, and starred in this movie! I'm planning to make more videos in the future too in order to help you become more informed and to show you my practice, how I work, and what my treatment philosophies are.

Welcome to our Missoula Dental Office!

Before I took over Dr. Jones’ practice, I met with my dental team. We put our heads together and thought about what was most important to us and our patients. Below you will find our mission statement. We refer to this set of ideals constantly for guidance. It’s hard getting to where you want to be without having goals and a purpose, here is the mission of Nelson Dentistry.

  • We collaborate to build and maintain trust through explanation, photographs, and answering all questions.
  • We are professional, honest, compassionate, trustworthy, and genuine in providing dental care.
  • We will ALWAYS strive to improve the team and exceed minimally acceptable competence.
  • We nurture a perfectly clean office – no clutter, no infectious agents.
  • We do our best to keep our scheduling promises and never run behind.
  • Every decision we make must be for the benefit of the patient.
  • Focus our practice on what we enjoy doing the most.
  • We want to maximize our effect on our community.
  • We invite ALL patients into our practice.
  • We strive to be the best at what we do.
  • We will respect the patient’s autonomy.
  • We enjoy a challenge.
Smile Gallery
  • New Smile with Composite Fillings
  • White Spot Removal
  • Natural Tooth Colored Fillings That Look Great!
  • Composite Veneers - Half the Cost of Porcelain
  • Smile Makeover with Dental Implants and Composite Veneers
  • Tooth Colored Fillings for Beautiful Back Teeth (Posterior)
  • Sealants That Help Prevent Early Tooth Decay
  • Conservative Gold Onlays
  • Beautiful and Smooth Gold Inlays
  • Bridges and Fixed Partial Dentures
  • Fresh Dental Cleanings
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