Tooth Bonding in Missoula, MT

Whether you had a front tooth break on the pavement, have a big cavity on a front tooth, or maybe have an existing front tooth filling that just doesn't look as good as it used to, then composite bonding may be a great option for you.  

Composite bonding describes the process of restoring front teeth to their natural beauty by using multiple layers of tooth colored filling materials, including tints, to trick you and others into thinking that there isn't anything unnatural there at all. 

 The Tooth Bonding Process at Our Missoula Office

Composite is a tooth colored filling material. But not all composites are the same.  Typically, when a composite polishes better and looks more pretty, then they're weaker and more prone to chipping and breaking.  When a composite is stronger, then it typically looks more dull or matte - not so pretty.  So often the best approach is to use both of these types together to place the stronger material in the areas that get the most hard work, and the prettier material where everyone sees it. This is the approach we take towards tooth bonding in Missoula. 

Now not every dentist does composite bonding like this.  It's challenging to pick the correct composite material in terms of color, toughness, opacity, translucence, polishablility, characteristics, etc...  It's also very challenging to take all of those elements and put them together successfully in a relatively short period of time on a living, moving person. So understandably most dentists don't offer this service.  

Some alternatives are using just one shade and type of composite or placing crowns/veneers.  In some instances, those methods may be more ideal.  Some downsides to single composite bonding is that it's impossible to perfectly match the natural teeth, the best you can hope for is that it's pretty close.  The upside is that it will take a lot less time to place this type of filling.  The downside to crowns and veneers is that they will typically need to remove otherwise healthy tooth structure.

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If you have any questions about composite bonding in Missoula, please feel free to reach out to our office.