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Habitat For Humanity Build

July 2, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Jonathan Nelson
Dentists in the Missoula Community | Dentist in Missoula | Dr. Nelson

June was an exciting month for Nelson Dentistry! Our team participated in a build for Habitat for Humanity of Missoula.  It was a fun day of giving back to the community. We were lucky to have beautiful weather and a full team of volunteers. One of the many great things about Habitat for Humanity is that they welcome builders of all skill levels. In fact, they assume most volunteers will have no prior construction experience. 

Mike and Dick at Habitat for Humanity were there to provide detailed instruction and supervision throughout the day, helping the whole team learn new skills and obtain insight into the home building process!  Habitat for Humanity is currently working on building two homes this year that are on adjoining lots. Our team was able to finish putting up the first-floor exterior and interior walls for one home, chalk out the whole layout for the second home that Habitat is constructing this year, and shovel A LOT of dirt. One of the best parts of the day is that we had the opportunity to meet both of the future homeowners and work side-by-side with them!

Dentists in the Missoula Community | Dentist in Missoula | Dr. NelsonDentists in the Missoula Community | Dentist in Missoula | Dr. Nelson

Habitat for Humanity of Missoula partners with eligible families in order to provide affordable and safe homes for those living in substandard housing.  Habitat for Humanity sells their homes to eligible families at cost with no interest or profit.  The impact of Habitat for Humanity builds goes beyond helping families in need. Their builds improve the appearance and value of the neighborhood they are in. Additionally, Habitat for Humanity of Missoula puts money back into the community by purchasing all materials used for the build projects locally. Habitat for Humanity Missoula is financed solely through donations from individuals, clubs, churches, businesses, and agencies; grants from private foundations; in-kind donations from local and national companies; and house payments recycled to build more homes. No government money is used for construction.

Nelson Dentistry in the Community

Habitat for Humanity was kind enough to take this photo of Nelson Dentistry’s very first volunteer build.  Look at how happy our team is, and it’s not just because of our very cool T-shirts!  We were able to give back to two highly deserving families and none the worse for wear!   It was an absolute blast. Nothing beats the sense of satisfaction you get when you’re helping local families!

Dentists in the Missoula Community | Dentist in Missoula | Dr. NelsonDentists in the Missoula Community | Dentist in Missoula | Dr. Nelson

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