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Sensitive Teeth? We Can Help

July 27, 2020
Posted By: Nelson Dentistry
Woman with sensitive teeth in Missoula, MT

Your  Missoula, MT dental team at Nelson Dentistry are here to provide the best in general and preventive dentistry for patients and their families.

While we want our patients never to feel oral pain or discomfort, there are times that this is the unfortunate case. Many times, we can treat the issue as soon as it begins, thus preventing a more significant, costlier problem. 

Why Are My Teeth Sensitive?

Many adult Americans might experience sensitive teeth every once in a while during their lives. Still, ongoing tooth pain can be a result of exposed dentin from receding gums or gum disease.

Unlike the top parts of our tooth, the crowns, the roots are not protected by enamel but by cementum. When the cementum wears away, the tooth and its nerves are exposed, causing painful tooth sensitivity.

Common reasons your tooth erodes include:

  • Brushing your teeth too hard
  • Too much sugar in your diet
  • Too much acid in your diet
  • Acid reflux
  • Bulimia
  • Dry mouth
  • Teeth grinding or chewing

The good news? We can treat sensitive teeth! 

How We Treat Sensitive Teeth In Missoula

Let Dr. Jonathan Nelson know if you have any tooth pain or sensitivity to temperatures or sweet foods or drinks. Tooth decay and cavities are common culprits that we can rule out. We may recommend desensitizing toothpaste or fluoridated toothpaste for use at home. With complex cases of tooth sensitivity, we may require a filling, gum graft, or root canal.

Patients who drink a lot of sodas, fruit juices or alcohol might consider scaling back. This, coupled with daily brushing and flossing, can help eliminate plaque build-up. Still, even meticulous and detailed brushers have spots they can't reach that can be hot spots for plaque and bacteria. Only a trained dental professional can truly remove all the plaque that eventually settles no matter how you try to prevent it. 

Sensitive teeth can be very painful, but there's no reason to tolerate this pain. 

Contact Nelson Dentistry today so we can examine your smile issues and eliminate any discomfort. 

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