Emergency Dentist in Missoula, MT

Man with toothache before visiting emergency dentist in Missoula, MTNelson Dentistry will remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide emergency dental treatment for patients in the Missoula, MT area. If you are experiencing a dental emergency that requires urgent treatment, call our office at (406) 542-3305.

Are you or a loved one experiencing a dental emergency or tooth pain the Missoula, MT area?

Dr. Jonathan Nelson, your emergency dentist in Missoula, is here for you. We offer convenient morning and early evening appointments so we can accommodate our emergency patients when they really need us.

During an emergency exam, we’ll look at your specific problem, using radiographs, diagnostic tests, and a clinical exam to determine the best treatment to get you out of pain fast.

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency in Missoula, we urge you to contact a member of our dental team as soon as possible. Our dentists are committed to saving your teeth and stoping your tooth pain.

Continue reading to learn more about emergency dentistry in Missoula, MT.

Is it really a dental emergency?

In some cases, it may be challenging to determine whether your situation is truly an emergency. If this is the case for you, we encourage you to call our Missoula, MT dentist office. We can assess your situation over the phone, determine whether you need immediate attention, and even instruct you on the best way to handle your situation until you can get to our office.

In emergency situations, you may feel panicked, and you might consider going to the ER. Always call Nelson Dentistry first for dental emergencies because the emergency room is not adequately equipped to handle broken or knocked-out teeth. You will save yourself time, money, and stress by contacting your dentist in Missoula first.

However, if you’ve suffered a trauma or severe impact injury, we do encourage you to head to the nearest emergency room or call an ambulance. Your emergency room professional or a friend can contact our office on your behalf. We always want to make sure you’re safe and out of danger.

How to Handle a Common Dental Emergency

Understanding common dental emergencies in Missoula and how to handle these stressful situations can make the ordeal less scary. Here are some common emergency situations and tips on what you can do until you get to our Missoula dentist office.

  • A tooth that has been knocked out: It's important to get to our office as soon as you can in this situation, so we can have the best chance of saving your tooth. Handle your tooth carefully and as little as possible. Placing it back in its socket is best, or you can use milk to transport it safely to Nelson Dentistry.
  • Chipped or broken teeth: If your tooth is broken, gather the pieces and contact Nelson Dentistry right away. If your tooth is chipped, it may not require immediate attention. Contact our office to have your tooth assessed over the phone.
  • A lost or broken restoration: Losing an old filling or crown can be painful. Your tooth will need to be repaired in order to prevent further damage or decay from occurring.
  • Dental sensitivity, pain, or a toothache: A tooth that is sensitive or causing severe pain could be indicating that your tooth is infected. A dental infection doesn't go away without treatment, and it could progress, cause further pain and damage to surrounding teeth, and result in tooth loss if it's left untreated.
  • Soft tissue injuries: For injuries to your gums, cheeks, or lips, it's important to stop the bleeding first. You can do this with a cold compress applied with light pressure. Contact our office to assess your needs and receive further instructions.

What Does an Emergency Dentist Do?

Relieving your pain is the immediate goal, followed by restoring your tooth or saving it. The course of your emergency dental appointment in Missoula depends on the nature of your emergency.

Common treatments include:

Root canal therapy

A root infection can be very painful, and a root infected tooth can go from sensitive to throbbing in no time at all!

Dr. Nelson treats root canals gently but thoroughly, and he does not begin work until the area is numb.

A root canal requires the removal of the infected pulp, antibacterial agents when needed, and a temporary filling. During a follow-up appointment, Dr. Nelson may recommend a dental crown to permanently close your tooth. This is a necessary measure if your tooth was compromised or weakened due to the root infection.

A dental crown is a cover that goes over your tooth to the gumline. It is shaped and shaded to resemble your other teeth and blends in with your smile. A tooth crown in Missoula allows for safe chewing and creates a buffer around your damaged tooth to prevent breakage.

Tooth-colored Filling

A deep cavity can be painful, and a tooth-colored filling in Missoula may be the solution to your dental emergency. After the dental field is numb, Dr. Nelson clears away the decay and covers your tooth with a filling that matches your smile.

Restoration Replacement or Repair

Restoration damage may require immediate repair to restore function. If a restoration cannot be repaired, Dr. Nelson may recommend replacement.

What if my tooth cannot be saved?

A tooth damaged through trauma or deep decay may require extraction. If your tooth was knocked out and you are unable to get to the dentist in a timely manner—which often means the tooth can be reattached—Dr. Nelson offers quality tooth replacement options in Missoula.

Tooth replacement options may include:

  • A dental implant in Missoula—to replace your tooth and its root
  • A dental bridge in Missoula—to bridge the gap in your smile with restoration teeth
  • A partial denture in Missoula—to restore your smile
  • A dental crown in Missoula—to restore a broken tooth if some of the tooth is still viable

We know that tooth loss can be frightening. You worry about your ability to eat, and you may feel embarrassed. At Nelson Dentistry, we are here to help you through and to restore your smile comfortably.

How can I prevent dental emergencies?

Tooth and first aid kit at emergency dentist in Missoula, MTSometimes, dental emergencies occur without warning. A dental emergency in Missoula can mean anything from a root infection to an elbow to the face. But the most common dental emergencies we see at Nelson Dentistry are dental infections.

The American Dental Association recommends visiting your dentist twice-yearly for comprehensive dental exams and professional teeth cleanings. They also recommend brushing your teeth and flossing at least twice per day.

At Nelson Dentistry, our dental team has found that people who follow these practices have fewer cavities, root infection, the incidence of periodontal disease, and dental emergencies. If you have specific dental issues, Dr. Nelson may further customize your oral health routine at home and your exam schedule in our dental office. It’s important to adhere to these schedules to avoid costly and painful situations later.

If you play sports or are an up-close spectator, ask Dr. Nelson about a mouthguard. If you grind and clench your teeth (bruxism), ask a member of our team about dental nightguards in Missoula.

Emergency Dental Appointments in Missoula

Don't hesitate to call Nelson Dentistry at (406) 542-3305 if you or a loved one is experiencing a dental emergency. We'll get you comfortable and back on the path to wellness as soon as possible.