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If You Put Off a Filling, Here's What Could Happen

March 28, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Jonathan Nelson
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You've received the news that you have a cavity in your tooth and now you need a dental filling. How urgent is it to get that filling done? What would happen if you don't do the treatment right away? Here is everything you should know about dental fillings in Missoula, MT.

Why Do I Need A Dental Filling?

When decay has compromised your tooth, you will need to have it removed from your tooth and a dental filling placed to restore it back to health. Composite resin is the material of choice for today's dental fillings because it is durable and aesthetically pleasing.

The Cost of Avoiding A Filling

If you don't remove the decay from your tooth, it will progress and cause further damage. It could result in the need for a larger restoration. If it advances even further, it will reach your root and the nerve of your tooth. This not only causes an infection in the root of your tooth, it also typically results in severe pain. If you find yourself in this situation, you will need a root canal to eliminate your infection and preserve your tooth.

If a dental infection is left untreated, it can potentially spread to other teeth and even other areas of your body. It may also get to the point where your tooth cannot be saved, resulting in the need for an extraction. The loss of a tooth is devastating to both your oral health and your confidence, so you would want to discuss options for tooth replacement with your dentist.

Most patients would rather have a less invasive filling early on rather than to wait and have to endure a root canal or extraction.

Our Missoula Office Can Help

Now that you understand how important it is to be proactive and not put off dental treatment that is necessary, you can give your team at Nelson Dentistry a call today to schedule your next appointment.

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