White Spot Removal in Missoula, MT

White spots are typically composed of demineralized enamel.  Most frequently this is caused by smooth tooth surfaces that are not properly brushed and cleaned for long periods of time.  And that frequently happens when wearing braces, or along the gumline in kids before their teeth fully erupt.  However, in some cases when teeth are developing the enamel is made more porous than it should be.

What Causes White Spots?

When enamel is demineralized and porous, it reflects light differently.  This gives the bright white matte-finish look to these spots.  Sometimes these spots can be stable, and not continue breaking down, as oral hygiene (brushing and flossing) improve and fluoride helps to remineralize the surface with a protective fluorapitite layer (i.e. the braces are removed and it's A LOT easier to brush and floss).  These white spots are fairly stable, and treatment is more cosmetic.  Other areas that have been neglected and are slowly getting worse are a different story and may be best treated with a conventional filling.

How We Treat White Spots

My treatment for removing white spots is called "Resin Infiltration."  What's great about it is that anesthetic is only required for the patients with naturally very sensitive teeth and almost always no drilling is involved.  This is what's called "non-invasive."  The tooth is prepared by cleaning it with an etchant gel then a high flow resin (resin is a component of tooth-colored fillings) is absorbed into the white spot and cured with a light.  Now light reflects off the surface similar to natural healthy enamel, and the white spot is no longer seen.

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