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White Spots on Your Teeth? Here's What to Do

July 16, 2020
Posted By: Nelson Dentistry

Do you have highly noticeable white spots on your teeth? They can range from very small to obvious, and they can make our patients feel embarrassed.

Don't let white spots steal your thunder; you can show off your beautiful smile with white spot removal at Nelson Dentistry.

Missoula patients might be happy to know that this cosmetic treatment is easy to apply, and Dr. Nelson is highly skilled in making smiles dazzling. 

What Are White Spots?

Typically, white spots are demineralized enamel that can occur if the tooth isn't brushed properly. Patients who wear metal braces often find white spots since it is difficult to clean around brackets and wires. Young children can also develop white spots. 

The good news is that we can treat these white spots, or prevent them with regular dental cleanings and exams with Dr. Nelson. 

Treating White Spots At Our Dental Clinic

At Nelson Dentistry in Missoula, we treat white spots through resin infiltration. This advanced dental treatment is excellent for patients with sensitive teeth, and this procedure is minimally invasive. 

We start by cleaning the tooth with a gel before applying tooth-colored resin over the white spot. Finally, Dr. Nelson cures the tooth with a UV reactive light. Once this treatment is done, the white spot should not be visible anymore. 

Patients can go a long way in preventing white spots with proper at-home oral hygiene like daily brushing and flossing. Being meticulous with your dental care can prevent existing white spots from getting more significant. 

Proper at-home oral health hygiene can help prevent white spots. Regular brushing with a remineralizing toothpaste and flossing can help prevent white spots and improve mild cases. Patients who have white spots should maintain good oral health habits to prevent white spots from getting worse and new ones from occurring.

Do You Think White Spot Removal Treatment Is Perfect for You?

All patients deserve to have the smile of their dreams, which is why we offer cosmetic dental treatments to fix minor to moderate smile flaws. At Nelson Dentistry, we love creating the perfect smile for patients. 


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