Dental Hygiene (Teeth Cleanings)

Most patients need regular dental hygiene visits every 6 months to address plaque and calculus (also known as tartar) buildup that causes minor gum inflammation (gingivitis) and development of decay.  Even with really good bushing and flossing most all patients will have buildup of plaque and calculus.  And these things can only be effectively removed by a trained dental hygienist.  See the following video for further explanation on gingivitis:

If gingivitis is not kept in check with regular dental hygiene visits, then it can worsen into periodontitis.  See this video next:


Once periodontitis begins, then extra care is needed to prevent further worsening of the gum health and loosening of the teeth.  In very advanced cases, gum infections and tooth loss are common.  The biggest difference in treating periodontitis vs. gingivitis is that with gingivitis plaque, calculus, and toxins are removed primarily from above the gumline.  With periodontitis the focus shifts to diligently removing those same bad things from below the gumline.  See this video for more information: