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Here are some more dramatic before and after looks of dental cleanings. What makes it dramatic is the removal of calculus (also known as tarter) restoring clean, smooth enamel. What makes calculus? Well, everyone has bacteria in their mouth, a gross, but inevitable fact of life. That bacteria will eat the same sugar that you eat and produce plaque and acid. The acid demineralizes your teeth leading to tooth decay. The plaque (which is the white stuff you can scrape off your teeth, or that fuzzy feeling you get after drinking a Mountain Dew and eating a box of Cheese-its) will become mineralized from the calcium in your saliva. At this point, you won't be able to remove the calculus with your floss and brush--it's too hard and stuck on there! But fret not, because my hygienist loves cleaning it off and getting you back to a more healthy and clean state.

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