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What causes the white spots on my teeth?

White Spot Removal in Missoula | Dental EquipmentWhite spots on your teeth typically occur when enamel is demineralized, which causes it to reflect light in a different way than normal tooth enamel. White spots have a more matte-like finish as opposed to the translucent look of a natural tooth.

How White Spots Form

Poor oral hygiene can contribute to white spots, and they may appear after orthodontic treatment with braces, which are harder to brush and floss around correctly. In some cases, the spots can remineralize on their own with improved oral hygiene. For other patients, treatment may be needed to eliminate the spots and improve the appearance of their teeth.

Certain medications such as the antibiotic tetracycline can also cause white spots or tooth discoloration. Tetracycline is widely used to treat bacterial infections and respiratory concerns. The stains caused by tetracycline often prove to be more stubborn than those produced by demineralization. 

White Spot Removal in Missoula 

Dr. Nelson, your dentist in Missoula, offers specialized treatment for white spot removal called "Resin Infiltration." This process is non-invasive and substantially fills the white spot with tooth-colored material designed to reflect light the same way your tooth does, which eliminates the appearance of the white spot. Contact Nelson Dentistry today for more information on white spot removal. 

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