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Smile Makeover with Dental Implants and Composite Veneers

Occasionally people are born without some of their permanent teeth (also known as congenially missing teeth). This patient has a removable partial denture (flipper) which is why two of the teeth are just slightly more gray than the others. Often, a great option for creating that great-looking confident smile is tooth replacement with dental implants. In this specific case, dental implants for the top two lateral (teeth next to the middle teeth) were combined with composite veneers on the two front middle teeth. Dental implants are currently the best technology to recreate a missing tooth. The implant itself is replaces the root of the tooth, then a prosthetic crown is attached to it. It's solid like a natural tooth, you can floss it like a natural tooth (unlike a bridge), and it has the most realistic appearance to a natural tooth. Most patients prefer this method of tooth replacement.
Smile Makeovers in Missoula | Before & AfterSmile Makeovers in Missoula | Before & After
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