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New Smile with Composite Fillings

We helped this patient by replacing old discolored fillings. Sometimes teeth are congenitally small. When this happens it is most often the maxillary lateral incisors - the ones on the top next to the middle teeth. Often times I work with an orthodontist who typically uses braces to place these smaller teeth in the right spot so that composite can be added to them, restoring them to the desired shape and size. However, braces aren't always necessary, it just depends on each patient. On this particular patient, I used advanced multi-layering techniques to add depth, strength, luster, and high polish to the fillings. This is much different than placing a single type of composite in a single shade (what is typically done by most dentists) and creates a much more realistic result. If you think you may benefit from the same treatment, please don't hesitate to call our office or click the number above on your cell phone!

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