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Closing the Gap with Composite Bonding

Some folks love their gap between their two front teeth, others REALLY don't..  If you find yourself in the camp of not liking that gap there's a good chance that conservative and additive bonding is a great solution for you!  Often times this procedure doesn't even require you to be numb to complete since no natural tooth structure is removed.  Another option to close the gap would be orthodontics.  But if your have a "tooth width to arch length discrepancy,"  which is to say that your teeth are too small for your mouth, then orthodontics may not provide the desired look.  You may also not want to take the time to see through the orthodontic treatment, in which case this bonding typically only takes a single hour to complete.

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Composite Bonding
before composite bonding in missoula mt after composite bonding in missoula mt
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