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Bonding to Repair Chipped Teeth

This was a rewarding case to do.  This patient had years of cumulative chipping on the bottom chewing edges of the top front teeth.  Bonding chips with a single shade of composite resin is something that a lot of dentists do regularly.  But what makes this different is that these teeth had a lot of what's called "characterizations."  You'll notice that these front teeth have a sort of white halo outlining the bottom edge of the teeth - that's the character.  If a single shade was used here, then the bonding would stand out.  But by adding some opaque white character to the bonding, the smile as a whole looks congruent.  It's also nice to layer the composite used for this bonding to utilize stronger composite on the chewing surfaces, and more polishable/pretty composite on the front (lip) side.

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before bonding to repair chipped teeth in missoula mt after bonding to repair chipped teeth in missoula mt
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