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Should I get partial or full dentures?

Are you missing one or multiple teeth? If so, there is more to worry about other than how it affects your appearance. Every tooth plays a vital role and function in the structure of our faces, so even one missing tooth can cause your face to sag and appear older. Missing a tooth can also have a negative impact on how you speak or chew. 

Without a tooth root, nearby teeth can start to shift towards the gap left in your smile. This can alter the alignment of your bite, make it more difficult to chew, and create multiple difficulties. For these reasons, we recommend dentures at Nelson Dentistry. 

Partial and Full Dentures

We custom fabricate dentures from impressions that we take of your mouth. Patients who have existing natural teeth are more suited to partial dentures, which work around their teeth and allow them to retain as much of their original smile as possible.

Full dentures are ideal for patients who are missing most or all of their teeth on the upper or lower arch. 

The denture base for full dentures is gum-colored and rests along the gum line; it is fabricated to fit along your gums perfectly. 

Partial dentures use one or more teeth to hold the dentures in place. If the existing teeth are not a good option for this, the prosthetic tooth can be attached directly to the jaw using dental implants.

Dentures go a long way to functioning and looking like real teeth, and they allow patients the freedom to eat what they want and speak clearly. 

Your Dentist Can Help You Determine Which Dentures Are Ideal

Your dentist at Nelson Dentistry, Dr. Jonathan Nelson, can help you determine which option fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget best. We will also go over how to maintain them and how long they can last for you. 

We look forward to making your life easier and making your investment in your oral health an excellent one. Call our  Missoula, MT dental office a call today. 

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