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What does it feel like to wear a denture?

As with anything else, dentures have a learning curve as you first get used to wearing them. They may feel bulky at first, and it will take some time to navigate chewing with them. You may also produce extra saliva at first, but that should normalize after the first couple of days of wearing your denture.

However, most patients enjoy the fact that they can smile with confidence again with their new teeth.

You'll remove your denture at night for cleaning, and you can soak it in water or a denture solution while you sleep.

If you're looking for a more permanent solution for your smile, implant-supported dentures in Missoula, MT, might be an option. Four carefully placed dental implants can support your denture as it "snaps" into it, keeping it secure and stable.

There is no movement or slippage to get used to with implant-supported dentures, which is why many patients choose them or switch their current dentures to them. 

Dentures in Missoula, MT, may be ideal if you're looking for solutions for multiple missing teeth. Dr. Jonathan Nelson, your trusted dentist in Missoula, MT, would love to discuss your options. Contact Nelson Dentistry today at (406) 542-3305 to learn more about dentures.

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