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What can I expect during my dental exam?

Routine dental exams in Missoula, MT, are one of the best ways to protect your smile and dental health.

During your dental exam, Dr. Nelson will check your current dental restorations for wear and tear so we can ensure that they're functioning properly for you and help you avoid any emergencies.

He will also screen you for problems like tooth decay and gum disease. When we detect these concerns early, it can save you time and money since you can choose the least invasive procedures for tooth repair.

Science has linked gum disease with many non-dental health concerns like heart disease and diabetes, so the sooner you can detect gum disease, the better your chances are for protecting your health. 

Dr. Nelson will also provide an oral cancer screening during your exam. Oral cancer is a silent killer responsible for at least one death every hour in America. So the earlier we can detect it, the better your chances are for successful treatment.

Dental insurance companies typically cover most, if not all, of the cost of your routine dental exams, so it's a great preventive measure to protect your dental health and overall health.

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