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When should my baby first see a dentist?

I recommend that your baby be first seen by a dentist when their teeth first appear or by their first birthday.  The first teeth that usually appear are the bottom front teeth at around six months. I like to seem them at this early age to catch any growth and development problems, catch cavities, make sure you know (especially if it's your first baby) how to clean the teeth, and to help the baby become accustomed to the dental office.  

First Visit to the DentistBaby at the Dentist | Dr. Jonathan Nelson

Nearly all babies and kids are a little scared to be in a new and unique environment and be laid back, and indeed most of them cry.  But it's not because they're hurt, it's just because it's new.  Typically the earlier and more consistent your kiddo is experiencing the routine of a dental visit the sooner they become accustomed to it, and it stops being scary.  It's not uncommon for children who don't start seeing the dentist when their first teeth come in to finally come in when a tooth hurts. At which the tooth usually hurts from a big cavity.  And if one tooth has a big cavity, usually there are several other cavities. This sets them up for a bad dental experience and they will often need to be treated by a specialist, possibly under sedation.

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One of the worst things you can do for your baby is to let them go to sleep with a bottle of milk or juice (even diluted).  This leads to getting a lot of cavities, possibly needing to have the teeth pulled if it's bad enough.  If your baby can't seem to sleep without a bottle, try using warm water, or feed them before putting them to bed.  It's even better to let them fall asleep with the bottle and take it away then to leave it with them all night or for the nap.  

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