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The Truth About Sugar in Your Child's Favorite Drinks

November 14, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Jonathan Nelson
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As a parent, you probably keep a close watch over your child's diet and nutrition. Avoiding sugary treats and snacks is a priority. However, have you ever considered the beverages your child is drinking, maybe even on a daily basis? Here are some of the beverages to be aware of, and some of them may surprise you!

Soda and Soft Drinks

While most of us understand that soda is loaded with sugar, did you that it presents a double whammy for your child's teeth? Soda is also carbonated and acidic, which helps to eat away tooth enamel and promote tooth decay. Combine this with the sugar that fuels the bacteria causing tooth decay, and you've got yourself a double-edged sword.


There may be some health benefits to your child drinking milk; however, it is essential to know that milk also contains sugar. This is why it is not recommended to let your little one take a bottle filled with milk to bed with them. If they fall asleep with milk in their mouth, it sits on their teeth and has the opportunity to cause tooth decay.

Fruit Juices

This may be surprising to some people since fruit juices are marketed as "healthy." However, just like soda, many fruit juices are highly acidic as well as containing sugar that causes cavities. Citrus and tomato juices are the worst culprits since they are acidic, but also watch out for the sugar content of juices like apple and grape as well.

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