Modern Dentures in Missoula, MT

If you’re missing teeth, and missing chewing, this is a great option. There are two basic categories for dentures, partial and complete.  As it stands to reason, partial dentures are for when you're not completely, but partially missing all your teeth.  The partial dentures can now "hug" around the existing teeth with wire clasps to help keep them stable so they don't move around as much when chewing and talking.  Depending on which teeth you're missing, and how many, it may be a better option to look at dental implants for replacing missing teeth.  Click here for more information on implants.  

How Dentures Function

Complete dentures rely mainly on suction (for the top) and gravity in conjunction with mouth muscles (for the bottom).  Many patients can train themselves with practice to use these traditional complete dentures, but when they have a complaint about them, it's usually the bottom ones move too much.  One of the great new advances in technology for these patients is using special dental implants that the lower denture can now "snap" onto, making them much more secure.

Maybe you just need something to “fill the space” to get you looking good again. Either way, we offer complete and/or partial dentures.


This video explains partial removable dentures:

This video explains complete dentures: