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At Nelson Dentistry, we do our best work every day, with every patient! We take pride in providing for all of your general dentistry care. And don’t worry if you have a particularly tricky treatment need, because we’ll help get you to the right specialist for the job!
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Nelson Dentistry | Welcome
Whether you’ve been coming to the office for years, or it’s your first time, my staff and I will do our best to give you fantastic service. I absolutely love that moment when I bring a new smile to a patient’s face.
Dr. Jonathan Nelson
Please watch the video that I (Dr. Nelson) put together for you. Yep, that's right, I enjoy working with technology so I created, directed, and starred in this movie! I'm planning to make more videos in the future too in order to help you become more informed and to show you my practice, how I work, and what my treatment philosophies are.

Services & Procedures

Comprehensive Exams in Missoula, MT

Your comprehensive exam will include photographs of your teeth, radiographs (x-rays), diagnosis of gum health, oral cancer screening, finding decay/cavities, and much more! After the exam, we will work with you to develop the best treatment plan for your needs. We’ll also show you all the pictures we took so you can see exactly what we see. Learn more >>

Emergency Exams

During an emergency exam, we’ll look at your specific problem, use radiographs, diagnostic tests, and a clinical exam to determine the best treatment to get you out of pain fast. Learn more >>


We provide tooth-colored (composite) and silver (amalgam) fillings. Sometimes the situation calls for one over the other, but we always accommodate your preference. Learn more >>

Teeth Cleanings

As part of your initial exam we can determine the best way to help you maintain your periodontal (gum) health. Due to a history of maybe not-so-great brushing/flossing, systemic factors (diabetes, stress, pregnancy, etc.), or perhaps just the way you are, all of our patients’ needs are different–and so are their cleanings. Most people need the regular “prophy” cleaning, while others need a more involved gum treatment “SRP or scaling and root planing.” Please ask us more about this if you have questions. Learn more >>

Dental Crowns

When teeth become broken down from decay, or a rogue popcorn kernel, they often need a crown. They can also need a crown if we are being proactive in defending against unpredictable breakage when your teeth are most susceptible (after a root canal or have developed certain cracks). We offer both tooth colored and conventional gold crowns. Either can be better in different circumstances, please ask us for more information if you have questions. Learn more >>

Dental Implants

Implants are used to replace single teeth, multiple teeth, or to help keep a denture in place. In order to place an implant we work with one of the several great specialists in town. They will complete the surgery to place the implant in the bone like the tooth it replaces used to be, then our office will work with a dental lab to provide you with a crown, bridge, or special denture to fit your needs. Learn more >>


Sealants are very small preventative fillings that are placed without ever needing a drill or needle. These fillings are most often placed in young children on molar teeth to prevent cavities in susceptible (deep) grooves that are nearly impossible to clean when brushing. Sealants will keep bacterial plaque and food debris from collecting in these areas and causing tooth decay. Learn more >>

Teeth Extractions

If your tooth is infected, broken down from decay, or is causing problems to other teeth, then you might need an extraction. Our office can help you with most extractions. If it is a particularly tricky tooth, a wisdom tooth, or you would like to be deeply sedated then we will help connect you with one of our talented local oral surgeons. Learn more >>


If you’re missing teeth, and missing chewing, dentures are a great option. Maybe you just need something to “fill the space” to get you looking good again. Either way we offer complete and/or partial dentures. Learn more >>

Night & Athletic Mouth Guards

Some people unknowingly grind or clench their teeth in their sleep. Perhaps someone told you, you do this when you woke up. We can also tell by specific wear patterns in our initial exam. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to preserve your teeth from wearing out prematurely. There are several different nightguard designs for different applications, please ask us more about them if you have questions.

With any contact sport, it’s always good to have a mouthguard to prevent tooth damage. Mouthguards absorb impacts taking away forces that would otherwise break teeth. We offer a variety of colors! Learn more >>